Deluxe Room

With woody and rustic tones for furniture and time-honored architecture, Deluxe room is for the ultimate relaxation you wanted.

Standard Room

With white walls and smoothing colors, standard rooms offer you the supreme comfort and relaxation you were looking for.

Our Dining Experience

Hotel Rajarata

Transcending from the ancient royal roots, the dining experience at Rajarata Hotel equals that to a royal experience. The three restaurants are made just to answer the cravings of your taste buds in both local and international cuisine. We have a host of fine dining options for you to satisfy your cravings for either breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The three restaurants Tranquil, Escape Bar and Sweet Crib Lounge welcome you all for the delights of an authentic cuisine, a relaxing bar and lounge and a lounge for the guilty pleasures of sweets and authentic Ceylon tea.

Tranquil Restaurant

Tranquil, the hotel’s main restaurant, serves international and local cuisine. Enjoy the daily continental breakfast buffet or a pick from a wide variety of fine dining options including cuisine from Asia, including both Sri Lanka and India all the way to the Mediterranean.

We also have a more than generous selection of the finest wines and foreign liqueurs along with special homemade ice-creams in a range of flavours that can satisfy the palates of the entire family.

Escape Bar

Walk into the escape bar and enjoy a wide range of international and local brands of wine, beer and spirits.

Delicious cocktails and refreshing mock-tails are served as per your request throughout the day.

The Escape bar is the ideal place to sit back and let the day fade into darkness as you throw back a few shots.

Sweet Crib Lounge

Got a sweet tooth? A lover of fine Ceylon tea? Come on in to the Sweet crib Lounge and satisfy your guilty pleasures.

An idyllic place to unwind as you enjoy the most delectable desserts, delicious savories and specially brewed coffee and tea.

Choose from a range of sweets and savories specially prepared for you by our expert chefs.